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MRP ₹1,699
Today's Offer Just ₹499 

Here's everything you need to be a successful digital marketer in 1 SINGLE 300 Page Book. 

You  Are Just AN EBOOK Away from starting your career in Digital Marketing


Here's a look at What You'll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of 101 Digital Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Ideal Customer Persona

  • Copywriting

  • Drafting Perfect Eye Catching Headlines

  • Drafting Irresistible Sales Offer

  • Super Efficient Sales Funnel

  • Writing Call To Action

  • Creating Landing Page That Converts

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Google Ads

  • SEO

  • A\B Testing

  • Email Marketing

  • Enticing Lead Magnets

  • Everything about forms

  • Using social proof to grow email subscribers

  • Adapting to new technology

  • Analysis of campaigns 

  • Optimising Ad Campaigns

  • Improving Ads Campaigns

  • 101 Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginners

  • 101 Marketing Tips For Begineers

  • Much More


Get 101 Digital Marketing + All Bonuses

For Just ₹499

  • A Digital Copy of 101 Digital Marketing filled with 300 pages of marketing content worth millions.

  • Upto ₹15,000 Direct Bank Transfer To YOUR BANK ACCOUNT to help you kick start your career in Digital Marketing if you win the Easy Testimony Challenge.

  • Blueprint for tracking digital marketing career worth ₹5,000

  • 1 Business plan template to help you get started worth ₹1,000

  • Online Reputation Checklist worth ₹1,000

  • 7 Tried and Tested Sales Funnel Templates worth ₹15,000

  • Lifetime support from Skybornify

  • Membership to 101 Digital Marketing Community where you can meet your peers, ask questions and have fun in general


  + ₹10,000

+ ₹5,000 

+ ₹1,000 


+ ₹15,000


YES!!! 30,000 worth of value we are giving it away at JUST ₹499 ONLY for first 2,500 buyers like YOU 


Read and Learn

Once you have pre ordered our Ebook, you will automatically be eligible to participate in our Testimony Contest. Move on to 2nd Step once you are done reading


Post a review on your Twitter

Post your review on your Twitter account make sure to tag skybornify and use the hashtag 101DigitalMarketing. You can also email us your testimony.



In the coming weeks before the launch date we will release our selection criteria based on that we will select the best 3 Reviews weather positive or negative.


Valued at Rs 30,000

1 Business Plan

If you want to start your own digital marketing agency then we have got your covered. Our Business Plans will help you establish focus ultimately guiding you to success

7 Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are useful as it helps you in visualising your customer journey from awareness (1st stage) to conversion(final step). A good sales funnels helps you to acquire ideal customers.

1 Blueprint

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint will help you identify you next steps in your journey on becoming a digital marketer. It will inform you about your next steps in order to be a successfull marketer

Online Reputation Checklist

As a digital marketer your top most priority should be online reputation management of your client's brand and/or your own agency. Our Checklist will help you achieve the same

101 Digital Marketing Group

Learning alone can get boring or leave you feeling less motivated thus you will be given access to an online group which you use to learn and grow together with your peers

10% Discount On Skybornify Services

Since you will be learning Digital Marketing from Skybornify thus in order to reward you and your family and friends, we will be giving 10% Discount on our Services as a token of loyalty 

Still Not Convinced? Have a Look at the Bonuses We are Giving For FREE with this EBOOK


If you are still not convinced then here we offer you free sneak peak into our upcoming 101 Digital Marketing Ebook

Market Research Basics

160 KB

How To Conduct Market Research?

188 KB

Ideal Customer Persona

147 KB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the launch date?

101 Digital Marketing Ebook will be launched on 24th October 2022

Will I receive physical book?

No, right now it's only Ebook. We will update soon on physical book

Is there any money back?

You will get refund within 14 days of purchase on pre orders

Will I get refund if downloaded?

Once you have downloaded the ebook, we can't offer refund.

I need more information

Feel Free to email us at

How will I receive my ebook?

You will receive a download link for your ebook in your email

We will soon be increasing our prices

We can not keep offering this book + bonuses at Rupees 499 only thus we have limited the supply of this ebook to only 2,500 copies at this price point therefore you must take IMMEDIATE ACTION and must not MISS this great opportunity to learn Digital Marketing.  

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